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December 20, 2006

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Security is going through radical changes driven by regulations, hacking innovations, geopolitical forces and convergence, among many other trends. The technology and best practices currently employed by security practitioners are inadequate to the task. Leadership is required on all fronts to move the industry to the position of generating greater value to the business and providing more effective protection against threats.

Risk Bloggers brings together the top minds from a variety of risk-based disciplines, including information security, physical security, risk management, privacy, government and the legal practice to contribute insightful blogs that will act as a strategic change agent to influence the direction of technology, policy and best practices within the industry. Enjoy the site and look for our formal launch in January 2007!

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Mobile "WiFi" Security Resources

This page is a reference listing of vendors, tools and reference sites for WiFi security. It is intended to be a companion piece for our "It's ok to unplug" presentation with SearchMobileComputing.

Updated June 20, 2003

[Miscellaneous Tools and Reference] - [Auditing and Assessment] - [Access Control, Monitoring, Detection and Prevention] - [Secure WAP Solutions]

WiFi Miscellaneous Security Tools and Reference Sites

Fake AP - generate fake access points
HostAP - turns a computer into an Access Point
IEEE 802.11 working group - standards location
NetStumbler - news and seminal scanning tool
StumbVerter - import NetStumbler data into MapPoint
Warchalking - collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking
WiGLE.NET - comprehensive DB and search engine for wireless access points

WiFi Auditing and Assessment

AiroPeek - 802.11 Protocol Analyzer
AirTraf - 802.11 Protocol Analyzer
AirDefense - long range wireless discovery and continuous monitoring
AirScanner - wireless sniffer and antivirus for PocketPC
AP Scanner - MAC wireless scanner
BSD-AirTools - dstumbler - a stumbler and wep cracker
ISS - wireless scanner
Kismet Wireless Sniffer - 802.11 Protocol Analyzer
MacStumbler - wireless scanning tool for Apple Airport
Mognet - 802.11 Protocol Analyzer
NetStumbler and MiniStumbler - detects 802.11 networks
Pocket Warrior - wireless auditing tool for the PocketPC
Prism2Dump - tcpdump for wireless
PrismStumbler - detects 802.11 networks
SSID Sniff - discover access points and capture traffic
THC-rut - brute force into WAPs
THC-wardrive - detects 802.11 networks
WarLinux - detects 802.11 networks
WaveStumbler - basic Linux tool for wireless detection
Wellenreiter - wireless network discovery
WEPCrack - 802.11 key cracker
Wireless Security Auditor - detects 802.11 networks

WiFi Access Control, Monitoring, Detection and Prevention

AirDefense - long range wireless discovery and continuous monitoring
AirScanner - wireless sniffer and antivirus for PocketPC
AirSnort - Wireless Intrusion Detection
Bluesocket - access control gateway solutions
Columbitech - access control and VPN solutions for wireless
Cranite Systems - software-based firewall
LeapPoint - access control gateway solutions
Netinary - complete solution for securing Hotspots
Nomadix - browser-based universal authentication
ReefEdge - authentication and WAP management
Senforce - policy-based client firewall
Vernier Networks - enterprise WAP management and access control
Wavelink - enterprise wireless management
WaveMon - monitors wireless devices

WiFi Secure Access Points

Airespace - secure WAPS, swiitching and mgt software
Aruba - secure WAPS and WIFi switching
Cisco - secure WAPS
SmartBridges - secure WAPS and wireless bridges