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Risk Bloggers - Security Wisdom Ahead of the Curve

December 20, 2006

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Security is going through radical changes driven by regulations, hacking innovations, geopolitical forces and convergence, among many other trends. The technology and best practices currently employed by security practitioners are inadequate to the task. Leadership is required on all fronts to move the industry to the position of generating greater value to the business and providing more effective protection against threats.

Risk Bloggers brings together the top minds from a variety of risk-based disciplines, including information security, physical security, risk management, privacy, government and the legal practice to contribute insightful blogs that will act as a strategic change agent to influence the direction of technology, policy and best practices within the industry. Enjoy the site and look for our formal launch in January 2007!

Risk Bloggers is managed by Jim Reavis, managing partner of Reavis Consulting Group, LLC., and the Chief Blogging Officer of Risk Bloggers. The site is operated by Kurt Seifried, Chief Writing Officer.

If you are interested in being a contributor to Risk Bloggers, please contact Jim Reavis.

Secure Denmark 2006 - the Business of Security

October 5, 2006

Secure Denmark 2006, an executive conference founded by Jim Reavis, Ulf Munkedal and Lars Neupart, brought some of the world's best security thinkers to Copenhagen to discuss information security issues that are fundamental to our global economy. The theme of the one day conference was The Business of Security, and featured keynote presentations from LJ Johnson, CISO for Nike, Inc., and Rhonda MacLean, former CISO for Bank of America and principal of MacLean Risk Partners, LLC.

Presentations can be downloaded from the homepage.