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May 16, 2013

The emergence of software security standards: ISO/IEC 27034-1:2011 and your organization

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January 17, 2003

This section is devoted to putting some of our older research documents online. This will be an ongoing process as we have hundreds of original works to prioritize, edit and publish.

Linux vs. Microsoft: Who Solves Security Problems Faster?

January 17, 2000

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Network World Research Archives

February 17, 2003

This section has newsletters written for Network World.

Top information security stories (and nonstories) of 1999

January 10, 2000

Does open mean secure?
January 5, 2000

Digital watermarking
January 3, 2000

Microsoft: How big of a problem with security? (Part 2 of 2)
December 29, 1999

Microsoft: How big of a problem with security? (Part 1 of 2)
December 27, 1999

Beware the Y2K opportunists
December 22, 1999

Wireless security
December 20, 1999

An Electronic Pearl Harbor? Part II of II
December 15, 1999

An Electronic Pearl Harbor? Part I of II
December 13, 1999

Hacker shootouts? Not!
December 8, 1999

Chaffing and Winnowing
December 6, 1999

JavaScript is not Java
December 1, 1999

Integration in your in-box equals insecurity
November 29, 1999

Security and the state of American healthcare
November 24, 1999

The number one security tool? Policy!
November 22, 1999

What are the hacks I need to worry about today?
November 17, 1999

Hacker exotica
November 15, 1999

Security guy vs. IT guy
November 10, 1999

How you get tracked on the Net: Part Two
November 8, 1999

How you get tracked on the Net: Part One
November 3, 1999

A psychological profile of hackers
November 1, 1999

Windows 2000: It's new, it's big! Is it secure?
October 27, 1999

IETF - security savior or privacy violator?
October 25, 1999

So you want to be an Infosec Jedi Knight?
October 20, 1999

How do I know that Web site is practicing good security?
October 18, 1999

Stopping smurfing on your network
October 13, 1999

Is SSL protecting online buying?
October 11, 1999

Pros and cons of the Clinton administration's encryption export announcement
October 6, 1999

SNMP - simple management tool for hackers?
October 4, 1999

Microsoft, the National Security Agency and backdoors
September 29, 1999

Advanced Encryption Standard - crypto for the next century
September 27, 1999

Is VPN the killer application for PKI?
September 22, 1999

The future of product suites in the quest for enterprise security
September 20, 1999

Can Windows play nicely in a sandbox?
September 15, 1999

Do you have an intrusion detection response plan?
September 13, 1999

Are you safe from scanning?
September 8, 1999

Is your Internet firewall a bottleneck?
September 6, 1999

PalmPilots - Can you get security in the palm of your hand?
September 1, 1999

Can a Canary solve the buffer overflow problem?
August 30, 1999

Are human beings compatible with cryptography?
August 25, 1999

Are you an accidental spammer?
August 23, 1999

Trends in government encryption policies
August 18, 1999

Cyberattackers will find the path of least resistance
August 16, 1999